Mobile Mapping

Surtech now offers mobile LiDAR acquisition and processing services from our services in Asia and Middle East. Various systems are utilised depending on the project accuracy requirements. Data Processing is performed in house using TerraSolid software. Deliverable range from 2D CAD drawings to fully rendered 3D building facades.

Applications of Mobil LiDAR:

Highway & Transport Related
    •    Safely and quickly measure bridges and other overhead items to conduct vertical clearance           surveys.
    •    Document road surface crossfalls, barriers and signs.
    •    Urban Asset Management
    •    Collect data on roads, signs, street furniture, utility poles etc.
    •    Map building footprints in 3D.
    •    Rapid feature collection for GIS.
    •    Corridor Development
    •    Preliminary Highway Design

Benefits of Mobile LiDAR:
    •    Efficiency: Data acquisition takes place at normal traffic speeds – the system can cover 100’s             of kilometres per day.
    •    Safety: Personnel are not required to stand on/near roads to take measurements – the LiDAR             team doesn’t have to leave the safety of the vehicle.

Some recent Surtech projects utilising Mobile LiDAR:
    •    Mapping of an existing subdivision and submission of a geodatabase defining boundary wall                locations, gardens, roads and other common areas.  Data acquisition was completed in 2 days            on a project which would have taken up to 4 weeks with multiple conventional or GPS survey              teams.
    •    Pilot project for urban infrastructure mapping, with extraction of features such as tree (with                drip radius), light poles, street furniture and other relevant features.