Land Surveying

Specializing in surveying services for the resource and construction sectors, Surtech provides a comprehensive range of services necessary to facilitate large and small scale project developments. Land Surveying Services provided by Surtech include:

Topographic surveys

  • Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) using RTK GPS data acquisition techniques or conventional total stations where needed.
  • Computer generated 3D visualization of digital terrain models to assist Architects and Planners in the design of resort and real estate projects.
  • Production of DTM's and detailed drawings for the design of factories, commercial and office buildings, resort developments and real estate developments.

Engineering / Construction

  • Setting out of infrastructure facilities, roads, railways, process plants, power transmission lines and pipelines.
  • Route location for transport facilities through feasibility studies to final design and construction stages.
  • Earthwork quantity computations for planning and progress certificates.
  • As - built surveys.
  • Optimisation of existing road and railway alignments.


  • Spatial control surveys for project development and photogrammetric terrain modeling.
  • Spatial control for gravity and magnetometer surveys.
  • Rationalisation, integration and resolution of project datums and reference systems.


  • Dimensional control surveys of manufactured components for processing plants.
  • Alignment surveys for conveyors, idlers and rotary mills.


  • Establishment of project height reference system relevant to tidal constituents utilising various tide measuring techniques.
  • Mapping of seabed in coastal areas and rivers including tide and current measurements.
  • Hydrographic surveys for marinas, port developments, oil/gas platforms, offshore pipelines and cable routes, and navigational hazard mapping.

GIS Updating & Development

  • Development of GIS databases, including migrating existing data, building topologies and schema creation.
  • Image processing services including rectification, ortho-rectification, image enchancement, tonal balancing and interpretation.
  • Raster and vector feature extraction (road, rivers, etc.) and classification (land cover & land use).


  • Establishment and marking of mining tenements and contact of work boundaries.
  • Boundary definition of land acquisition for compensation purposes.
  • Transforming exploration data from local grid datum to national or custom project grid datum.
  • Advise on survey control and mapping requirements for the various stages of mine and procesing plant development.

Audit / Quality Control Surveys

  • Contractors setting out.
  • Earthwork quantities.
  • Verification of terrain models and survey control during construction.

Route Surveys

  • Survey and stake-out of proposed routes, including preparation of alignment sheets.
  • Evaluation of route impact on surrounding communities.